Place of Power

Place of Power - is an international, multi-label showroom with an artistic twist, based in one of the central districts of Paris. Founded in 2017, we have run three highly successful sales seasons and set up meetings with some of the world's most famous retailers.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between high-end fashion labels and global retailers, by delivering a multi-functional B2B showroom platform, enabling them to showcase their collections and engage more fully with prospective buyers.

We are defined by a commitment to retaining the creative vision of our brands, providing them with an inventive and engaging narrative in order to grow strong businesses with international coverage.

We are devoted to preserving the individuality and authenticity of ourbrands, while offering them a creative approach to promotion designed for the international market.

Our unique approach

We strive to create a unique and productive working environment which unites artists and photographers with top-end, contemporary fashion brands; tapping into their shared creative vision and cultivating a culture of collaboration.


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